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Dependant on experience.

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Clare Persey


Clare Persey

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Founded in 2009, this is a bespoke, boutique agency who focus on bringing quality work to global brands and audiences whilst maintaining a close, meaningful relationship with their clients.  They have a truly enviable client list and work across all industries – sport, beauty, fashion, fintech and hospitality. Always cutting edge, always innovative and exciting.

Key Responsibilities:

  • As a Senior Strategist you’ll be the ‘go-to’ voice for strategic deliverables of projects. Shaping imaginative approaches and compelling strategic deliverables that the design teams and the clients can take meaningful action from.
  • Be a compelling storyteller – excellent presenter, writer and communicator who is able to construct a strong and persuasive argument. Chasing clarity and originality with your words.
  • Guide clients through complex stakeholder engagement and/or cultural change, keeping the process smooth and efficient for everyone involved.
  • proficient with the tools of the trade and confident to go beyond, actively seeking new approaches and methodologies to deliver exceptional solutions

Key Skills:

  • Have at least four years of professional experience (not necessarily in brand).
  • Be an outstanding facilitator – experienced in designing and leading workshops, that enable creative leaps and break through political impasses.