Strategy Director

£80,000 - £90,0000

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Helen Hooper

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Helen Hooper

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One of the most established global brand design consultancy with offices in London, New York and Singapore. This is a top-tier agency that believes brands often exist in uncomfortable and often contradictory space. Yet they believe it’s important not to avoid the tension that this may create, but face it head on, with intention and purpose and harness its energy and use it to recommit to vision and value and create transformative design and superb award-winning work.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Extract insights from complex research and data, identifying the implications and ideas for band growth.
  • Craft compelling stories that make the link between business and brand strategy and show how design can help deliver this
  • Deliver high quality strategic content – from brand strategy and portfolio strategy through to creative ideation.
  • Facilitate and inspire other in generating ideas, leading the creative process internally and externally
  • Lead projects from start to finish – putting high quality strategic thinking at the heart of the project.


  • Proven impact at c-suite level with clients.
  • Must have FMCG experience.
  • Experience of Packaging with exceptional interpersonal skills.

One day working in Studio every Thursday.